Luckiest Girl Alive: A Novel By Jessica Knoll | Summary & More

Luckiest Girl Alive: A Novel By Jessica Knoll | Summary & More

A Detailed Summary & Analysis of Luckiest Girl Alive By Jessica Knoll

The book is entitled Luckiest Girl Alive which is written by the very beautiful and witty Jessica Knoll. The book title itself kind of gives away the story; it’s about a girl who grew up in a small town who got very lucky in life, despite having a dark past. The book is more often compared to the likes of another best-selling novel “Gone Girl”. But readers have come to see that both are incomparable. The book is light and easy to relate to. It is surrounded by fashion, love, gossip, and a bitter high school memory which can be very relatable. The dark past of the lead character gives this novel a different twist that you wouldn’t dare to expect in a book like this. The lead, Ani FaNelli has finally made her way on the top of the social ladder, her tremendous effort of transforming herself and trying to get rid of her past has been quite a success, but sometimes those bad memories tends to creep up on her and that is what exactly made this book so much more exciting.

Jessica Knoll was able to execute a flawless plot; writing both past and present can be tricky at times, especially when the writer wants to develop a good plot. But Jessica Knoll was able to flip through it over and over again and was still able to deliver a good plot. She was able to give a fresher take on feminist crime novels. The book is both gripping and exciting as she was able to put her readers through a roller coaster ride of emotions, just when you thought you know what’s going to happen next, Jessica turns it to a different direction. The book is critically acclaimed and has been praised by a dozen of critics and received a tremendous amount of commendations.

Jessica Knoll was a senior editor for Cosmopolitan and SELF. She was raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She graduated in The Shipley School in Bryn, Mawr in Pennsylvania. She attended College from Hobart and William Smith, which are both located in Geneva, New York. She presently lives in New York with her husband. The book Luckiest Girl Alive is Jessica’s debut novel. The book is set to become a major motion picture in which Jessica Knoll agreed to write the film’s screenplay.

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