Alone on the Great Wall

Alone on the Great Wall

At a time when China was turning inward once again, a young Englishman, William Lindesay, ran alone for more than 1,500 miles to become the first foreign conqueror of this ancient symbol of xenophobia-the Great Wall of China.Lindesay kept a trip diary that portrays an affinity for the people of China and their history. From the soldiers of the imperial frontier, the merchants of the Silk road and the heroes of the Long March to the simple peasant farmers who wrote messages of encouragement in his diary, Lindesay came to know the many people of China who extended the hand of friendship.

Title:Alone on the Great Wall
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About William Lindesay

Englishman William Lindesay studied geography and geology at Liverpool University and in 1987 made what China's official Xinhua News Agency described as "the most successful foreign exploration of the Great Wall" in a 2,470 km solo adventure. Since 1994 he has primarily been engaged in systematic research of the Great Wall in the Beijing region and has organized two major "Great Wall Clean Ups".

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  • Leighann

    This was an interesting read. My husband went on a tour with him and said the tour was excellent. This book is his story as the first non-chinese to run the entire length of the known Great Wall. ...