Dead Girl Running

Dead Girl Running

I have three confessions to make:
1. I've got the scar of gunshot on my forehead.
2. I don't remember an entire year of my life.
3. My name is Kellen Adams...and that's half a lie.

Girl running...from a year she can't remember, from a husband she prays is dead, from homelessness and fear. Tough, capable Kellen Adams takes a job as assistant manager of a remote vacation resort on the North Pacific Coast. There amid the towering storms and the lashing waves, she hopes to find sanctuary. But when she discovers a woman's dead and mutilated body, she's soon trying to keep her own secrets while investigating first one murder...then another.

Now every guest and employee is a suspect. Every friendly face a mask. Every kind word a lie. Kellen's driven to defend her job, her friends and the place she's come to call home. Yet she wonders--with the scar of a gunshot on her forehead and amnesia that leaves her unsure of her own past--could the killer be staring her in the face?

Title:Dead Girl Running
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    Dead Girl Running Reviews

  • Julie

    Dead Girl Running by Christina Dodd is a 2018 St. Martin’s Press publication. Whoa! This was one wild ride! Kellen is living a lie- or at least partially. An entire year of her life is missing- gone...

  • Maureen Carden

    I needed a drink, several drinks after NetGalley initially denied my request for Dead Girl Running. But after some judicious begging I was delighted to receive Dead Girl Running (DGR) from NetGalley a...

  • Alp

    THAT. ENDING.THAT ENDING!!!I didn’t see it coming!OMG! Where is the next book? I need it right now!Wait, what?It will be out next year. Next year! Seriously?OK, take a deep breath……..Well, about...

  • Reading.Between.Wines

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫 / 5 rounded up!You guys, I LOVED Dead Girl Running by Christina Dodd! This is an action-packed, ominous book and it deserves to be read! Dead Girl Running focuses on a woman named Kel...

  • Jessica

    I received this book for free from the publisher (Harlequin) as part of their bookstagram publicity campaign. I give this book 3.5 stars which rounds up to 4. I always have a hard time with rating thr...

  • Kendall

    This was my first experience from Christina Dodd. I'm not usually a fan of romance and I felt that this would have been a stronger book if some of the romance was taken out.It was an enjoyable read fo...

  • Caz

    I've given this a D+ at AAR, so that's 2.5 stars.I enjoy a good mystery or romantic suspense novel and have been lucky enough to find some fantastically good authors in the genre who are now on my ‘...

  • Cheri

    Wow! This is my first CD book. Anita recommended it to me and I loved it! The story does go back and forth from one part of the h's life to another, but with good reason. I never guessed who the main ...

  • BleuBelle

    I'm in a reading slump right now. This one was another fail for me. DNF Chapter 15.Spoilers ahead:I already didn't care for the prologue. And that's a bad sign.I did no like Kellen. She, the former Ce...

  • Tammy

    Very compelling with lots of mystery going on.Kellen is running from a year she can't remember + from a husband she prays is dead. She moves to hide away and starts a new job as an asst. manager of a ...