Smoke and Ashes

Smoke and Ashes

**From the winner of the 2017 CWA Historical Dagger Award**
India, 1921. Haunted by his memories of the Great War, Captain Sam Wyndham is battling a serious addiction to opium that he must keep secret from his superiors in the Calcutta police force.

When Sam is summoned to investigate a grisly murder, he is stunned at the sight of the body: he’s seen this before. Last night, in a drug addled haze, he stumbled across a corpse with the same ritualistic injuries. It seems like there’s a deranged killer on the loose. Unfortunately for Sam, the corpse was in an opium den and revealing his presence there could cost him his career.
With the aid of his quick-witted Indian Sergeant, Surrender-not Banerjee, Sam must try to solve the two murders, all the while keeping his personal demons secret, before somebody else turns up dead.

Set against the backdrop of the fervent fight for Indian independence, and rich with the atmosphere of 1920s Calcutta, Smoke and Ashes is the brilliant new historical mystery in this award-winning series.

Title:Smoke and Ashes
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About Abir Mukherjee

ABIR MUKHERJEE was born in London, but spent most of his childhood in Glasgow. A graduate of the LSE, he currently works in finance in the City.

    Smoke and Ashes Reviews

  • Annet

    What a fabulous, great series this is. I'm totally hooked, can't wait for the 4th book. Understand it's in preparation... More to follow... but already... Absolutely & Highly Recommended!This is a ser...

  • Paromjit

    This is the third in the Captain Sam Wyndham series set in December 1921 in the run up to Christmas where there is little cheer for the British and the Raj in India. The British strategies to contain ...

  • William

    FIVE STARS! AGAIN! Extraordinary, assured, delightful, fascinating, enlightening, and my favourite: the Detective as Philosopher. A masterpiece, Abir. Truly wonderful! Thank you for the advanced reade...

  • Liz Barnsley

    love this series.I’m not a fan of historical crime for the most part – that is to say it is not my go to genre – but I made an exception once for “A Rising Man” and haven’t looked back si...

  • Annet

    So looking forward to this one.... can't wait!...

  • Leah

    Murder in the Raj...Roused from a drug-addled stupor in an opium den in the backstreets of Calcutta, Sam Wyndham, Captain in the Calcutta police, discovers the place is being raided. Discovery of his ...

  • Roy

    Probably the best historical fiction detective series atm. The dialogue is sharp, the setting so informative but with just enough detail. The characters are amazing even after this 3rd novel. Highly r...

  • Chrisl

    4.44 ... Still don't like "Surrender Not" - prefer Suren. Much appreciate the setting, and also hope for next one soon ... won't wait so long to buy a copy from Britain ahead of US release....

  • Raven

    First there was A Rising Man and then A Necessary Evil and akin to the sound of an angelic host the very words, “There’s a new Abir Mukherjee book out now” made my heart soar with an excitement ...

  • K.J. Charles

    This series gets markedly better with every book. The author has always been brilliant at evoking the feel of the last years of the Raj and the 1920s Indian atmosphere, but the mystery plots are impro...