Black Crown

Black Crown

I will not be ruled by fear.

A depraved emperor. A wasted realm. A dying race.

With Tyrrik by my side, I’ll lead the charge to remedy it all.

After discovering the rightful heir to the Phaetyn, an alliance with the healers should be easy as pancakes. But while the armies of Verald and Gemond march to the border for war, the emperor delivers a crushing blow that threatens to put everything at risk.

As I fight my father’s staggering power, I’m compelled to face evil on his terms. A twisted darkness worse than anything I’ve experienced.
Nothing could’ve prepared me for this.

How far would you go to defeat a merciless sovereign?

I’ll lie to the liars.
I’ll betray the betrayers.
I’ll kill the killers.

I will conquer my fear.

Title:Black Crown
Edition Language:English
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About Raye Wagner

Raye Wagner is the USA Today Bestselling author of young adult fantasy books. She's a big fan of both the Percy Jackson series (shocker) and the Twilight saga (gasp), and those two series *might* have led her to pursue her dream of writing teen fiction.

    Black Crown Reviews

  • taveena kade

    you know when you build something up in your head and expect it to be great...and then if is absolutely horrible? this wasn’t that. it was everything i wanted-needed-and more; frankly, i have no wor...

  • Holly

    New rule: you REALLY should NOT be having sex if you have to resort to using juvenile terms (like 'playing cards' and 'dancing the maypole') because you apparently feel uncomfortable using the word 's...

  • Katarina Silva


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    I'm so behind! Loved this one and will be catching up with everyone's reviews and writing the reviews on the one's I'm missing in the next few days! ...

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    Holy pancakes!I loved the end of this book, even if I didn't love Ryn's idiosyncratic slang. Once again, Wagner had me surprised - and heartbroken. Characters I loved from the first two books were fal...

  • Sakina Carter

    What an amazing ride!!I loved this whole series. Even though Ryn started out as a naive child, she grew into an amazing woman who found her place. She went through so much pain and heartache but she s...

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    Sometimes the best things do come in three'sHow do you review a series that you now consider to be the best YA fantasy of all time? with gif's of courseYUP I think that accurately covers the range of ...

  • Rose Kinsey

    Almost a DNFI don’t have a ton to say about the book. I finished it for the sake of finishing.My biggest turn offs for novels are adults who act like children. I don’t want to read about people ha...

  • Christa

    A satisfying end to a great series. There wasn’t quite as much humor in this book as book two, but Ryn and Tyrrick are one of my favorite couples. There’s a lot of action in this book, and I’m s...

  • Umaiya ?Insignificant September?

    Tyrrik Tyrrik Tyrrik. Oh how I love you Tyrrik.I will happily sing songs about you Tyrrik.This Drae, you guys! I am happily swooning every other page, y'all!I LOVED this series!3.5 stars.I'm deducting...