The Other Wife

The Other Wife

A secret wife. A secret life. A killer who knows.

Childhood sweethearts William and Mary have been married for sixty years. William is a celebrated surgeon, Mary a devoted wife. Both have a strong sense of right and wrong.
This is what their son, Joe O'Loughlin, has always believed. But when Joe is summoned to the hospital with news that his father has been brutally attacked, his world is turned upside down. Who is the strange woman crying at William's bedside, covered in his blood - a friend, a mistress, a fantasist or a killer?
Against the advice of the police, Joe launches his own investigation. As he learns more, he discovers sides to his father he never knew - and is forcibly reminded that the truth comes at a price.

Fresh from the highest selling book of his career, The Secrets She Keeps, multi-million-copy bestselling author Michael Robotham returns to his beloved Joe O’Loughlin series in this compelling psychological thriller that delves into the consequences of a tragedy, exposing a lifetime of shocking cover-up that is too close to home for the famous psychologist.

Title:The Other Wife
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About Michael Robotham

Edgar finalist and Gold Dagger winning author, Michael Robotham was born in Australia in November 1960 and grew up in small country towns that had more dogs than people and more flies than dogs. He escaped in 1979 and became a cadet journalist on an afternoon newspaper in Sydney.

    The Other Wife Reviews

  • Brenda

    When Joe O’Loughlin received the call that his father was in a coma in hospital, his wife by his side, Joe had no idea the trip to the hospital and his father’s room would change his life, and eve...

  • Brenda

    The awesomeness of Michael Robotham's writing is once again on display in this, the ninth Joe O’Loughlin book. If you’re a fan already, you will love this book. It offers a much closer look into J...

  • Judy Collins

    10 Stars! Bestselling International author Michael Robotham returns following The Secrets She Keeps, Close Your Eyes, and Life or Death with THE OTHER WIFE – a riveting Tour de Force thriller – H...

  • Carolyn

    Poor old Joe O'Loughlin has a tough time being one of Michael Robotham's characters. He has to live with Mr Parkinson, the name he gives the horrible disease that is trying to take over his body. Duri...

  • Liz Barnsley

    I'm a huge huge fan of this series and the engaging beautifully drawn character of Joe O’Loughlin so I was very much looking forward to entering his world once again.This story hits very close to ho...

  • Mandy White

    I did not realise that this was book 9 in the series. It read fine as a stand alone though and I really enjoyed it. Back to book one for me now !!...

  • Carol -  Reading Writing and Riesling

    My View:I love the Joe O’Loughlin series – I am invested in the main characters, their stories and the crimes they solve. This episode centres on Joe and his family as suspects, victims and villai...

  • John Purcell

    Michael Robotham is in a league of his own when it comes to thrillers....

  • Alecia

    This is #9 in a series, and I read it as a stand-alone. Although that might be a reason that it did not resonate with me, I think it was more in the plotting. It started off very well. The narrator, J...

  • Karen Brooks

    The latest book in the Joseph O’Loughlin series, The Other Wife is a cracker of a read that I dare you to be able to put down once you start. I forced myself only so I could savour the joy of a grea...