Melissa F. Olson's thrilling FBI vampire procedural Nightshades series concludes with Outbreak

The Chicago field office of the Bureau of Preternatural Investigation is facing its deadliest challenge, yet—internal investigation! Alex and Lindy are on the hook, and on the run.

But when all of the BPI’s captive vampires are broken free from their maximum security prison, and Hector finally steps out of the shadows, Alex must use every trick to stay ahead of both the BPI and the world’s most dangerous shade.

Confrontation is inevitable. Success is not.

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About Melissa F. Olson

Melissa Olson was born and raised in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and studied film and literature at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. After graduation, and a brief stint bouncing around the Hollywood studio system, Melissa landed in Madison, WI, where she eventually acquired a master's degree from UW-Milwaukee, a husband, a mortgage, a teaching gig, two kids, and two comically o

    Outbreak Reviews

  • Ami

    The story picked up immediately after the end of book #2, when the 'evil villain' Hector and his army broke the prison that kept shades prisoner. Within hours, FBI turns their investigation to Lindy -...

  • Sophia

    Things were in a bit of a jam at the end of book two so I was ready to pounce when this final book in the series came available. Vampires, FBI, betrayals, and an enemy who seems to be holding all the ...

  • Jo  (Mixed Book Bag)

    I have really liked Melissa Olson's other series so I decided to give this one a try. While I found the characters interesting I did not really bond with them. There was non-stop action and the world ...

  • Mandapanda

    3.5 stars. ...

  • Sandra

    3.5 stars. Very quick read, lots of action but no surprises or twists. Good end to the series with enough openness to the ending to allow the author to revisit this world if they choose. Definitely ne...

  • Lucy Dosch

    This series is good but just too short to be great.We start book 4 where we left off on book 3, where shade (vampire) Lindy Frederick and FBI Agent Alex McKenna have just spent the night together and ...

  • Sherry

    This entire series of novellas would easily translate to film, and I’d definitely want to watch.Shades (aka vampires) are out of the closet and known to humanity. Shades don’t need or even general...

  • Laura Newsholme

    I have enjoyed this series as a whole and I thought this was a decent conclusion, albeit a little abrupt. This third instalment tells the continuing story of the Bureau of Preternatural Investigation ...

  • Sarah Leenart

    Just as good as the last two instalments of this fast paced, supernatural police procedural mini series, this was proof that quality always overcomes quantity. Sharply violent but with a very human he...

  • Angela Shockley

    Outbreak picks up right where Switchback left off. And not with a moment to lose. The evolution of Alex and Lindy's relationship wasn't at all surprising, but I could have lived without it. I like tha...