The Incurable Romantic and Other Tales of Madness and Desire

The Incurable Romantic and Other Tales of Madness and Desire

In The Incurable Romantic, Frank Tallis recounts the extraordinary stories of patients who are, quite literally, madly in love: a woman becomes utterly convinced that her dentist is secretly infatuated with her and drives him to leave the country; a man destroys his massive fortune through trysts with over three thousand prostitutes--because his ego requires that they fall in love with him; a beautiful woman's pathological jealousy destroys the men who love her. Along the way, we learn a great deal about the history of psychiatry and the role of neuroscience in addressing disordered love. Elegantly written and infused with deep sympathy, The Incurable Romantic shows how all of us can become a bit crazy in love.

Title:The Incurable Romantic and Other Tales of Madness and Desire
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  • Jill

    “What is life if it isn’t about love? Finding love, being loved and loving others? Yet, love is something we rarely engage with intellectually. We all experience falling in love but take little or...

  • Rachel

    Books centred around clinical cases are polarising for me. I either love them or hate them. When done well, they feed my desire for narrative and redemption in real life. When done poorly, they just r...

  • Nikola

    You can also find this review on my book blog. It’s no secret that I enjoy reading psychology non-fiction books and that I’m interested in Psychology. Tallis’ book intrigued me because of the s...

  • SundayAtDusk

    Someone, anyone could probably successfully argue this book is not about love. It’s about mental illness. It’s about obsessions and addictions and delusions and narcissism. Fortunately, our tour g...

  • DebsD

    The premise of this book was intriguing, but it failed to live up to its promise. From the beginning, I found myself rolling my eyes at the writing. There were huge amounts of irrelevant or pointless ...

  • Lara K

    In ' The Incurable Romantic' , Frank Tallis presents us with a thought provoking portrait of love, it's idiosyncrasies, contradictions and perversities.The book is segmented into chapters, each delvin...

  • Mai

    I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley. Thank you! All opinions are my own.The Incurable Romantic tells the stories of patients whose love/desire/obsession has become problematic for them ...

  • Olwen

    Enjoyable reading. And I learnt a few new words....

  • Richard Smith

    My blog on the book:

  • Alie Urbach

    Frank Tallis De ongeneeslijke RomanticusVan de uitgever Atlas contact mag ik dit boek lezen en recenseren.Frank Tallis is expert op het terrein van obsessies en dwangneuroses. Als psychotherapeut schr...