My One Regret

My One Regret

When he left her, he made the biggest mistake of his life. But now she might be gone for good.

Kaden Hades couldn’t handle touring with his rock band and a relationship— until he discovered Sadie, the love of his life. But when tragedy struck with his teenage daughter, Kaden broke off the engagement, swearing to put his kids first.

Then he gets the phone call. Sadie’s been in a car accident.

By the time he reaches her side, she is critical.

With Sadie in a coma, memories flood Kaden’s mind. Her kisses. And all the wonderful experiences they shared. The day it all went wrong…and Kaden made the biggest mistake of his life. Now, as her last line of defense against those who've given up hope, he'll move heaven and earth to protect her.

Because she’s always had his heart—but if he loses her, his world will come apart.

Title:My One Regret
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About Claudia Y. Burgoa

Claudia is an award winning, international bestselling author. She lives in Colorado, working for a small IT. She has three children and manages a chaotic household of three confused dogs, and a wonderful husband who shares her love of all things geek. To survive she works continually to find purpose for the voices flitting through her head, plus she consumes high quantities of chocolate to keep t

    My One Regret Reviews

  • Christine

    Angst and highly emotional is Claudia Burgoa's specialty and in My One Regret she's in top form. I don't want to give away anything out this plot because it was perfect and masterly laded out for us f...

  • Natalie The Biblioholic

    Check out the Blog Tour HERE!I knew I needed to read this story once I caught a glimpse of its blurb. I'm a sucker for a second chance romance, especially when the people are still very much in love, ...

  • Danielle R (Spellbound Stories)

    Claudia Burgoa is a new-to-me-author. Recently, a friend of mine recommended her to me because she was releasing an angsty rockstar romance which is probably my favorite trope. So, my friend told me t...

  • DJ Sakata

    Favorite Quotes:I’m too old to be kissing toads, knowing they’ll never become princes.Sadie was an open book, and yet as strange as the deep blue sea. She was starlight with a hint of darkness. A ...

  • Bev

    I skimmed from around the 30% mark to call this done. I struggled with the writing, the overblown clichéd melodrama and ridiculous endearments the zero and heroine used for each other got on my wick....

  • Alex ?

    The book is well written.I wasn't a fan of the hero, but I didn't hate him. He loved Sadie/the h a lot, no doubt. Sadie was overall nice, very kind and very forgiving person. I liked how she challenge...

  • ?Penny

    I'm not even going to rate this book. I read the blurb and it sounded like a nightmare to me, but it made me curious so I decided to read it for two reasons: #1- I wanted to know if he ever tried to f...

  • Rachel K

    Not a fan of a ‘hero’ who has no balls.That is all....

  • Patricia Rohrs (words we love by blog)

    I don’t think I could ever come up with the right words that would do this book justice! Emotional, surprises, angst, hate, love, jealousy, but most of all hope are just some of the words that come ...

  • Candy

    My One Regret by Claudia is a must read of 2018.This story ian emotional ride between present and past. You'll laugh and you'll cry so bring the tissues. She ad me in tears from the start but couldn't...