Under Your Skin

Under Your Skin

What do a stolen food-delivery robot, a woman from the past, and a bizarre scheme to microchip military veterans have in common?
The infamous Caustic Queen, Washington DC bureau chief Catherine Ayers, would love to find out but she has a lot on her plate right now. She and her fiancée, reporter and Iowa girl Lauren King, are busy wedding planning in Lauren’s home town.
That means facing a lot of beefy mechanic brothers, a haughty cat, and a sharp-tongued Meemaw. Catherine’s sure she can play nice with everyone. Well, pretty sure. How hard can it be, anyway?
A twisty lesbian romance sequel to The Red Files about the family we can’t choose, and the one that chooses us.

111,000 words
Themes: Iowa · Meemaw · twisty lesbian romance

Title:Under Your Skin
Edition Language:English
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About Lee Winter

Lee Winter is an award-winning veteran newspaper journalist who has covered courts, crime, news, features and humor writing for almost three decades around Australia. Now a full-time author and part-time editor at Ylva, Lee is also a two-time Lambda Literary Award finalist and a triple Golden Crown Literary Award winner.

    Under Your Skin Reviews

  • Diane Wallace

    'Ylva-Publishing ARC provided in exchange for a fair and honest review'**'Satire is the weapon of the powerless against the powerful..Great dialogue has transparency.Something is being said while some...

  • Lex Kent

    4.5 Stars. An excellent sequel to The Red Files! I’m a Winter fan and really enjoyed her book The Red Files. When I heard there was going to book two, I was really excited. I’m very happy to say I...

  • lov2laf

    Overall, I really enjoyed this sequel to "The Red Files".There were many things to like about this story. I appreciate books that focus on a couple *after* they've gotten together. The story takes pla...

  • Lexxi Kitty

    I received an ARC of this book from Ylva Publishing in exchange for an honest review.First thing first: yes this is a sequel and yes you need to read the prior book before reading this book here. It f...

  • Jem

    Catherine Ayers is one of those larger than life characters that stay with you long after a book is over, especially if you like strong, caustic ice-queens. If you haven't heard of her, consider picki...

  • Agirlcandream

    It was wonderful seeing the maturing relationship between the scattered Lauren and the always put together Catherine.Both work in Washington but are planning to hold their wedding in Iowa. Of course w...

  • Luce

    ARRRG. Goodreads ate my review before I could save it. Now what did I write so brilliantly?5 STARS! Now that I remember.Under Your Skin is the sequel to The Red Files. It is essential that you read Th...

  • vacatedboat

    After finishing a Lee Winter book I almost always feel both a wee bit smarter and a wee bit like I missed some IQ points when they were handed out. I love that Winter’s books force me to think about...

  • Joc

    I recently read The Red Files, which was a really good read, in order to read Under Your Skin which turned out to be a superb read. Catherine Ayers, well-bred Bostonian, and Lauren King, country girl ...

  • Rosi

    This is a great continuation of the book The Red Files, which is necessary to have read to understand this one. Both Catherine and Lauren are still two very interesting characters and together they ma...