The epic conclusion to the FADED duet...

They warned me not to get too close.
Too bad I didn’t listen.
Enter a star’s orbit, it’ll burn you down to ashes before you know what’s happened.
And he was the most beautiful star in the night sky.
Singed beyond repair, I left Los Angeles behind.
Left him behind.
But I was kidding myself if I thought a few thousand miles of space would erase my memory.
And I was plain stupid if I thought he’d let me go without a fight.
They say the brightest stars burn out the fastest…
But the strongest loves don’t ever fade.

UNFADED is the final installment of a sexy, emotional duet about a jaded rock star and a starry-eyed songwriter. Due to sex, drugs, and rock & roll, it is recommended for readers ages 16 and up.

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About Julie Johnson

JULIE JOHNSON is a twenty-seven-year-old Boston native and USA Today bestselling author of more than a dozen contemporary romance novels. When she's not writing, Julie can most often be found adding stamps to her passport, drinking too much coffee, striving to conquer her Netflix queue, and Instagramming pictures of her dog. (Follow her: @author_julie)

    Unfaded Reviews

  • Katerina

    My heart is so full right now.Full of Love LongingWant Need A maelstrom of music pulsates through my veinsLyrics brimming with pain and passion dance in my cellsAnd my soul revels in the pure, unmatc...

  • NMmomof4

    2.5 - 3 StarsOverall Opinion: What a disappointment. I really liked the first book in this duet and even rated it 4.5 stars! I was uber anxious to jump into this one, but I was sadly really disappoint...

  • Paige

    5 “Wildewood” Stars Every. Single. Emotion. Felicity and Ryder’s second chance comes as they are forced back into each other’s orbit. And while the hurt and mistrust doesn’t fade quickly, th...

  • Deanna?Pink Lady??

    4.5 “Move the Stars” StarsUnfaded was Angsty with a capital A. A second chance love story that began 2 years after Faded ended. I was quite surprised that there was a two years time frame between ...

  • Julie Johnson

    THE DUET IS FINALLY COMPLETE! BOTH PARTS LIVE + FREE IN KU! You are now officially approved to start binge-reading. __________________________part one (april 4) ➔ https://amzn.to/2IVvwehpart two (m...

  • Sharon ?? is an emotional book junkie ??

    4 ★'s I absolutely loved the first book in this duet so I could not wait to read this book and gobbled it down in one day. Unfortunately for me, it didn't have quite the same zing as the first one. ...

  • TeriLyn

    **Unfaded generously provided in exchange for an honest review.**5 "You think this is over." StarsI thought I had a hunch of where this story was going when Part One the duet ended. All I can say now ...

  • Hms

    Great conclusion to the duet....

  •  Court (Take the Read)

    I love love (big) LOVE this series. With this final installment, I'm so sad to see Felicity and Ryder's story end. These are some of my favorite books I've read by Johnson by far. "What do you feel, ...

  • Joy Novel Thoughts

    Oh my goodness!! YOU GUYS! This book. Unfaded is EVERYTHING.I swear to you have spent half of this story pissed of at Felicity. Like, I wanted to strangle or slap a fictional character because she is ...