Down Beat

Down Beat

Some call him a rock god.
Others a celebrity bad boy.

Me? I call him the arrogant bastard who stole my concert venue.

His apology? To take me and my violin on tour with the band.
It’s an offer I can’t refuse, even if it does come with strings attached.

Because Rey Thomas isn’t who he seems.

Life isn’t pretty behind the deviant frontman’s facade.
It’s raw, ugly, and at times downright painful.
But it’s real.
And far better than the lie he presents to the world.

The man behind the face of Dark Tide is beautiful in his chaos.
All I have to do is keep him alive long enough to see that too.

Nobody ever said loving a rock star would be easy.

Title:Down Beat
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About Max Henry

For as long as she can remember, Max has always had a love of the macabre and thought provoking side to life.

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    This book blew me away.I was drawn to this book because I love a good rocker with an attitude and went into it knowing the topic it covered. I did not expect the book I got. Down Beat is so much more ...

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    It's not often that I read the work of a friend. I'm a harsh critic, which can make for an uncomfortable situation.And Max is a friend.She's an awesomely close friend who I speak to daily. So yes, thi...

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    Max Freaking Henry, girl…just…no words…. JOKING! I’m an author, I’ve always got words.Firstly, I applaud any author brave enough to take a sensitive subject, like mental illness, and be real...

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    A real roller-coaster of emotions, raw, edgy and honest, not your usual feel good romance, but a bitter sweet love story."It's okay to say your not okay" ❤...

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    Erase everything you have read when it comes to a Rockstar Romance, because Max Henry just changed the game, in the best of ways. With a dash of depth and a sprinkle of unique characters, and just a p...

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    It's taken me a while to process this book and get my thoughts into some semblance of order. The first thing to say is that this book features mental health struggles as its main theme. There are warn...

  • Amanda

    When a book is this intense, when it affects me as much as this one did, I usually like to take a few days before writing my review, so I can sort out my feelings and be objective about the book as a ...

  • Kathy Aronoff

    Thought ProvokingMost of us read Rock Star books for the escape or fantasy of the bigger than life profession, oh to be adored and have your words be immortalized. This book looks at the downside, the...

  • Crystal N

    I loved it, I really did. This would be a perfect 5 for me if not for a couple of rather banal things. 1) This work is highly personal, you can tell, to great effect, but unfortunately our American ch...

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    Rey holds no punches, “eff, kitty.” I wrap a hand around the back of her head and pull her in for a better kiss, a more heated kiss. The kind that tells her I really like her too. “You make me f...