The Crossway

The Crossway

A BBC Radio 4 'Book of the Week' in 2018.

In 2013 Guy Stagg made a pilgrimage from Canterbury to Jerusalem. Though a non-believer, he began the journey after suffering several years of mental illness, hoping the ritual would heal him. For ten months he hiked alone on ancient paths, crossing ten countries and more than 5,500 kilometres. The Crossway is an account of this extraordinary adventure.

Having left home on New Year’s Day, Stagg climbed over the Alps in midwinter, spent Easter in Rome with a new pope, joined mass protests in Istanbul and survived a terrorist attack in Lebanon. Travelling without support, he had to rely each night on the generosity of strangers, staying with monks and nuns, priests and families. As a result, he gained a unique insight into the lives of contemporary believers and learnt the fascinating stories of the soldiers and saints, missionaries and martyrs who had followed these paths before him.

The Crossway is a book full of wonders, mixing travel and memoir, history and current affairs. At once intimate and epic, it charts the author’s struggle to walk towards recovery, and asks whether religion can still have meaning for those without faith.

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  • Laura

    From BBC radio 4 - Book of the week:An epic journey, but also an intimate one. After several years of mental illness, Guy Stagg set off one morning, from London, to walk to Canterbury. Ill-prepared an...

  • Mimi

    This was recommended to me, and I'm glad it was because there was a lot to like in this account of Stagg’s (agnostic) pilgrimage from Canterbury to Jerusalem. The way he related his journey to deali...

  • Ruth Dipple

    This book describes a sort of Dantean journey across Europe - destination Jerusalem - in which the author makes, or hopes to make, a journey of self-discovery. Consequently much of the interest hangs ...

  • Tweakiepop


  • Ellie Broughton

    Well written but better suited to someone more interested in the history of Christianity....

  • Purple

    An amazing account of an amazing journey. Reflective, honest, thought provoking....

  • Steve Streeter

    Thought provoking and reflective .. Guy Stagg opened up his heart and soul to share his journey - a beautiful meditation on pilgrimage ...

  • Jojo

    I always enjoy hearing about activities and events that I believe (or hope) I will never take part in myself. This pleasant account of a pilgrimage fulfilled this want....