“I want you to be my boyfriend. For like three weeks.”

Tennis player Isaac Husdon isn’t gay, but when a photograph of him kissing another man makes its way to social media, he doesn’t have the heart to correct the speculation and disappoint all the people it means so much to. Still recovering from a shoulder injury, he decides to play the part and enlists the help of his childhood best friend to be his temporary boyfriend.

Julian has been in love with Isaac since they were kids. Knowing his friend was off-limits helped him keep his feelings hidden, but now that he’s supposed to pretend to date him…

Well, things are getting a little tricky in the feelings department.

After a few surprisingly intimate dates, it becomes obvious that Isaac is less interested in faking it and more interested in trying it.

Throw in a few steamy moments, and soon enough, Isaac finds himself falling into bed with his best friend.

But can Isaac figure out his feelings in time to see what’s right in front of him? Or will his player past come back to haunt him and take away his best chance at happiness?

Player is a stand-alone gay romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers. It does, however, contain: boys kissing, more than one tennis-related injury, the sexy application of various ointments, a Lego car, explicit sex scenes, a heart-shaped tennis trophy, and true love conquering all.

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About Sean Ashcroft

Sean Ashcroft likes rainy days, white hot chocolates (don't knock it 'til you've tried it!) and boys kissing in books. He currently resides in Australia, all the way down at the bottom of the mainland in a sleepy little seaside town.

    Player Reviews

  • Melissa Rae

    “I’m gay,” Julian said. “Right, and I’m straight, so between us we make one bisexual.” I’m going, to be honest here, this book wasn’t great. But it also wasn’t horrid. It was just ...

  • Alex


  • namericanwordcat

    As a sucker for both friends to lover and pretend dating, I picked this right up.And its a nice quick read. Julian is wonderful and Isaac...well he isn't very self reflective. He is also a kind of cra...

  • Nic

    CuteThis was just absolutely as sweet as can be. Both main characters were adorable in their own way. Isaac was trying to come to terms with a few things he refused to acknowledge and Julian was just ...

  • Wendy Moore

    A sweet,feel good, friends to lovers read!!...

  • Katherine

    Not bad to be biA story of sexual experimentation (after a lie) and falling for your best friend, this was pleasantly low angst and instead a sweet story of love.Julian has the curse of being stuck, h...

  • Lisa Cullinan

    Julian and Isaac are perfect togetherLove this story about two childhood best friends who wind up back in each other’s lives after Julian sees a pic all over his Twitter feed of his “straight” f...

  • Aubrey

    Not terribleThe book wasn't terrible, but it wasn't much of anything, really. The premise was a good start, but it doesn't go anywhere. Isaac enlists his best friend to pretend to he his boyfriend to ...

  • Valerie

    Isaac and Julian were great together, but it was Isaac's journey into finding out who he is, with and without Julian, that really set this story apart. When Isaac is kissed by a man and it was splashe...

  • Chanty

    Finally, another hit for Sean. Lately he and I were a miss. But I really liked this one. Simple, not too complicated and low on angst. I did feel like Julian was a bit of a doormat. He's been in love ...