Face the Music

Face the Music

I thought there was only one thing I needed to make me happy. I was so sure becoming a rock star would heal the dark corners inside me. But every time I walk onto the stage, with a roaring crowd screaming my name, all I can think about is the boy I left behind. All I want to do is rewind and make a different choice.

I thought I hated Lincoln when he ghosted me ten years ago and destroyed my heart. I thought I hated him when he wrote a chart-topping hit about our idyllic young love. But I’ve never hated him as much as I do right now, standing in front of me like he has every right to be in my world again. He’s not the rock god I thought he was...he’s still that same lost boy I used to love. Can I ever trust him with my heart again?

***Face the Music is the first book in the Replay series. Each book in the series will focus on a different band member getting a second chance at love. Each book can be read as a stand-alone. This book contains descriptions of self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and sexy times.

Title:Face the Music
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About K.M. Neuhold

K.M.Neuhold has long since been a romance junkie. When she’s not writing she’s reading or spending time snuggling with her husky or her husband. She fell in love with M/M romance last year and hasn’t been able to turn back. There’s nothing she loves more than love in all its forms.

    Face the Music Reviews

  • Cadiva

    Loved this book a lot. It deals with a difficult subject to get right - mental illness - but does so without over-playing it or under emphasising the seriousness.Lincoln and Jace were wonderful togeth...

  • Ky

    3.5 stars"Face the Music" is the first book in a new series about the members of a rock band that somehow all get their happily ever after in the form of second chance romances during a much needed br...

  • Annika

    Audiobook reviewI essence, I absolutely loved and adored this story. I'm always partial for a scarred man, second chance stories and when combining that with a famous musician, I'm over the moon. Thi...

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    4.5 starsThis is the first time I’ve read K.M. Neuhold and I was impressed by this author’s ability to tell a story and the way one of the character’s need for self harm was woven into the plot....

  • Tj

    At eighteen Lincoln made a difficult decision. He loved music and was offered a shot with a recording company. To do so, meant hurting his person, the one who always had his back. It meant hurting Jac...

  • Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie

    4 StarsIf you’ve read my reviews in the past, you’ll know my favorite trope is definitely second chance romances and Face The Music was an enjoyable one. Lincoln abandoned Jace without even a good...

  • Joyfully Jay

    A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsFace the Music explores some fairly dark themes, which include self-harm and suicide, so please be forewarned that if this type of story line could be triggering for yo...

  • Dani Hodge

    #Replay #FaceTheMusic #DownwardSpiral #LincandJace Another AMAZING book by Author K.M. Neuhold!! Emotional, and full of sensitive subjects; Face the Music may not be for all readers, but I found it to...

  • Bev

    Nice second chances story. Linc's bi-polar diagnosis is something I've become quite familiar with in recent years, and Jace was very understanding. I have to say though that I would've thought someone...

  • Qin

    A longish, rather boring nothingburger poorly dressed up as a second chance romance, only saved from the one star treatment by dint of its reasonably good literary values. For one thing, the embraced ...