Once Upon a Princess

Once Upon a Princess

A Lesbian Royal Romance
Can true love be their crowning glory?
Olivia Charlton is a princess who believes in love — not a high priority in a royal family hung up on tradition and duty.
Meanwhile, village sweetheart Rosie Perkins has no time for affairs of the heart — she's just struggling to keep her cafe and life afloat.
When Olivia heads to Cornwall to escape her royal duties for a few weeks, the two meet and sparks fly. But can a cafe owner and a princess truly end up with their own happily ever after when all the odds are stacked against them?
Best-selling lesbian romance authors Clare Lydon & Harper Bliss have teamed up to bring this modern-day fairy tale to life. Grab your copy of the love story everyone's talking about!

Title:Once Upon a Princess
Edition Language:English
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About Clare Lydon

Clare Lydon is a London-based writer of contemporary lesbian romance. She's a No.1 best-seller on lesbian fiction charts around the globe with five full-length novels to her name, as well as writing the All I Want series, set to continue throughout 2016. If you love romantic comedies, prepare to fall head over heels in love.

    Once Upon a Princess Reviews

  • Arien

    3 stars. A solid but also predictable good feels book. It's like any other royalty x commoner read. I liked the characters, but I didn't love them. The plot as already mentioned is extremely predictab...

  • vacatedboat

    I’m not typically a fan of princess stories, so this alone may influence my review/enjoyment of this book. Just putting it out there. I decided to give this a go because it’s Bliss and I consider ...

  • Lexxi Kitty

    A princess (or should that be Princess?), fourth in line the English (and other) throne, is weeks away from marrying an ex . . . she's been pushed into this position by her mother, the Queen. The, as ...

  • Gaby LezReviewBooks

    Olivia Charlton is an out lesbian and the fourth in the line for the British throne. After a long period of service in the army, her mother, the Queen, asks her to settle down and get married. Her par...

  • Alexis

    Every now and then I'll pick up a book that is essentially a modern day fairy tale and be pleasantly surprised by it. This wasn't one of those. Though I read through the book in one sitting, I did so ...

  • Heinerway

    Once Upon a Princess is a modern fairy tale, wisely published after the British royal wedding. In fact, the dedications says: To Meghan and Harry.The story is very cute, very well written and the main...

  • Luce

    This book was ok. I was looking forward to reading it but it stalled for me midway through. I wasn’t feeling the connection. I put it down for a bit before I finished it, which probably didn’t hel...

  • Anja

    Modern fairytale come true (it happens, look at the royals). I love the main characters and the wonderful story. Well done, ladies!...

  • Ameliah Faith

    YAY Royal Love!!Princess Olivia is an out lesbian and second in line for the throne. Since she has because she is a woman of a certain age, her mother has decided that it is time for Olivia to be marr...

  • Corporate Slave

    For some odd reason I loved this book :) it’s definitely not my style but it put the biggest smile on my face ! Very predictable but yet so deliciously predictable ! ...