Courting Sin

Courting Sin

The team of Carter Sinclair and Riley Thompson has ruled the sport of Beach Volleyball for years.
Partners on the court for six years, and friends with benefits off the court for almost as long, Sinclair and Thompson are on top of the world.
Until a photo of Sin and Riley in a compromising position goes viral.
Shouldn’t be a problem, Sin and Riley have been together for years.
Except, Riley is straight. Or so he claims.
But when Sin’s estranged father dies, something as mundane as a sex scandal is the least of their worries.
Scandal not of their own making puts Riley’s dream of Olympic gold on hold. And threatens to cost him his partner… on the court and off.
He has two choices, he can pretend the photo never happened, and find a new partner. Or… admit his feelings and choose a lifetime of Courting Sin.

Title:Courting Sin
Edition Language:English
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    Courting Sin Reviews

  • ~Mindy Lynn~

    4 Stars! Sin and Riley have been in a secret sexual relationship for six years. During that time they've both had other sexual relationships. Riley with other woman and Sin with other men. Sin is out ...

  • JenMcJ

    Argh. This one is hard to rate. I really liked Sin and Riley. I really loved that unexpectedly Riley wasn't a closeted, paranoid, insensitive jerk. I loved how he just stepped up and owned his life ev...

  • Natalie

    As only Mercy could write them.This was more than I expected from the blurb. At first, it’s a friends with benefits just starting to figure out what the other guy means to them story. Riley is suppo...

  • Lee Morin

    Each author has their style of storytelling and to me this Mercy's. I've read pretty much all her books and I feel like sometimes it's written just for me. I don't like easy or simple reads, I like th...

  • MzBond

    This book has a good story base. So really I don’t understand why it needed to be so over the top. Biggest thing that bugs me is the way the surrounding plots just barreled into the main storyline. ...

  • Mina_rrat

    One second, can we all just back up a minute? Wow... what the hell did I just read? That synopsis could have never prepared me for the REAL DEAL. Nothing would have. The synopsis speaks about a gay sc...

  • ReadsLate

    Courting Sin is a great, hot summer romance. Set on the beaches in Florida, featuring sexy, young, guys getting sweaty, this story is great by the pool, or lying in bed wishing you were. The sex scen...

  • Daphne

    I don’t have the first idea how to rate this book. On the one hand - hawt. Probably the hottest book I’ve read in a while. Marcy Celeste does hate sex (or at least ambivalent people who really don...

  • Bo

    IntenseMercy Celeste has some wicked genes running through her because she can set us up with two men who simply cannot stop having incredible sex while weaving outlandish and sometimes seriously trag...

  • TayaJay

    This book was just too much drama. It had sexual abuse, murder, attempted murder and etc. It never rest on anything. It was too short to have all that drama. And yet they found room to admit feelings ...