Loneliness, and Other Ways to Split a Body

Loneliness, and Other Ways to Split a Body

This micro-chapbook is a part of the 2018 Ghost City Press Summer Micro-Chap Series....

Title:Loneliness, and Other Ways to Split a Body
Edition Language:English
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About Kanika Lawton

Kanika Lawton is a writer, poet, editor, and film scholar living in Toronto, Ontario. She is an MA student and graduate assistant at the University of Toronto's Cinema Studies Institute, where she teaches on horror films and sex in cinema. She is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of L'Éphémère Review, Social Media Manager of Rambutan Literary, and a 2018 Pink Door Fellow. Her work has appeared in Ri

    Loneliness, and Other Ways to Split a Body Reviews

  • Erin

    I enjoyed the surgical qualities of this text. Lots of words that I associate with that arena: talk of knives, autopsy, the dismantling of a body. Maybe these words make it seem as if it's too macabre...

  • ?Elsa Frost?

    This was a really good collection. I like this one, and the strengths it upholds. I've read some other work by Kanika Lawton, and I think she has really improved her writing. Excellent work!I'm giving...

  • Lexi Nylander

    "Suck me dry and throw me up in your neighbours’ rose garden—I have a knack for ruining beauty."My favorite out of this v short chapbook was "Year of the Pig."...

  • Amanda

    The poems in this brief chapbook were heartbreakingly beautiful and honest, and left me wanting more. i will be seeking out more of Kanika's work. ...