The Bear's Capture

The Bear's Capture


The solitude had always been my companion and I accepted it, embraced it. Living on my own with the forest as my backyard had always been good enough for me.

Until it no longer was.

The quiet could be loud, the loneliness a burden. I was tired of being on my own. I wanted a wife, needed a woman to call my own.

Who I wanted was Susie.

She was sweet and kind, innocent and soft in all the right places. She made this caveman part of me rise up and take control. The things I wanted to do to her would probably frighten her, scare her away for good.

I didn’t pretend to be a gentle man. I was brutal and savage in my way of living, but when I looked at her I felt something soften within me.

It was time to man up and tell her what I wanted, that she was all I thought about, all I needed in my life.


I’d loved Bear for as long as I could remember, but I was just the grocery delivery girl, a person he barely talked to, rarely saw when I did my drop-offs. I’d always been too much of a coward to tell him how I felt, so I divulged all my longings and secrets to my best friend.

But I was tired of doing that. I wanted to be honest with him even if that ended up putting this wall between us, even if I got a broken heart.

I was willing to risk all of that to pour my heart out, to finally be honest.

I was willing to do all of that in the hopes he would say he loved me too.

Warning: This may not be a paranormal story, but it has bite to it! With a growly, celibate hero who’s been lusting after one virginal heroine, it’s time he staked his claim in all the ways that matter. Don’t worry, it’s still safe with a HEA and all the sexy goodness that goes along with it!

Title:The Bear's Capture
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About Jenika Snow

Jenika Snow is a USA Today Bestselling Author, and has been a published writer since 2009.

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    Another really sweet enjoyable quick read.Susie, has been delivering Bears groceries for 2 years. She volunteered and she is on her way to his place up in the mountains to deliver this weeks groceries...

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    Bear is a loner. Lives on the mountain in his cabin in solitude. He doesn’t even go to town for his groceries. That’s where Susie comes in. She works at the grocery store and volunteers every time...

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    Bear has wanted her from afar for years , she brings his groceries to his secluded cabin  he swears the next time he sees her he will tell her she is his.Suzie has loved Bear from afar always wanting...

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    The Bear's Capture by Jenika Snow I really enjoyed the short story.Bear isn't much of a social person, doesn't even go into town to get his groceries but you can count on Susie. She works at the store...

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    This was another great short, sexy and safe story written by one of my favorite authors', Jenika Snow :)I have to admit that I love when this author writes these short, fast paced, insta-love stories ...

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