All I wanted was a tattoo.

What I got was a broody, enigmatic demigod with an electrifying touch and a mysterious past.

We were night and day in every way possible, not an ounce of anything in common, and yet, I wanted him in the worst way.

It didn't matter that he was emotionally unavailable or that he was exactly the kind of man who would give my father a coronary should I dare to bring him home. It didn't matter that his heart was wrapped in barbed wire or that he made me promise never to fall for him.

None of it mattered because he was the most perfectly imperfect, beautifully tortured soul I'd ever known, and I was besotted, addicted to all the thrilling and wondrous ways he made me feel when we were together.

They say a single moment can change the entire trajectory of your life. But looking back, I never could have imagined all the ways my world would change the moment it collided with his.

I learned too late that he kept his past a secret for a reason.

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  • Bindi Boo

    *SPOILER ALERT*Recipe for disaster: smart, rich girl finds a hot, not-so-rich, mysterious man who tells you at the get-go he is not one for commitment- tell him you're 'adventurous', weasel your way i...

  • Bookgasms Book Blog

    Omg!!! You guys!!! Pricked was absolutely amazing!!! I devoured it in one sitting and could not get enough of Madden Ransom, the cocky, surly tattoo artist and Brighton Taylor Karrington, the pampered...

  • chandler ainsley ?

    dnf @ 30%nothing particularly wrong with this book i'm just not in the mood for a spoiled sweet princess meets wrong side of the tracks stud sort of story. the writing was a little lackluster and i di...

  • Myla

    “You’re something, Madden. You know that? You’re really something. "Madden is the kind of guy with an attitude of "what you see is what you get." He doesn't do things to please anyone.“You’r...

  • Alaina

    Meh.Pricked was meh. I picked 3 stars.. but I'm feeling a huge 2.5 right now. In it, you will meet characters that are beyond frustrating to read about. I didn't care at all about anyone of anything t...

  • HeatherP

    "Rock, Paper, Scissors. I was always the rock. She was always the paper. It took me years to realize it was never about winning, that all she was doing was covering my dark with her light. My hard wi...

  • Dilek VT

    This review is enough for me to stay away:

  • ?Sana?

    5 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋Brighton“I'd love a good break. Something to snap me in two. Something that floods my veins with so much emotion, I become physically ill. I'd love to step out of this protecti...

  • Lorie

    4.25 - 4.5 STARSLoved it! I read this in one sitting - for some reason that happens A LOT when I read a Winter Renshaw book. I was hooked from the beginning. It sort of had a Mad Tatter vibe going on,...

  • Ellie

    Yikes. This was really just...dull. There was no chemistry here at all. There were threads started that seemed important and then the story meandered along without them. Other things just didn't make ...